Peel and Stick Mosaic

Premium Materials: Made of PVC composite laminate, anti-scratch, high impact, color fade-less, more durable and stronger than other plastic self-adhesive tiles. It can be installed in a variety of spaces, including bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, interior walls and living areas, as well as for decorative purposes such as wall art or backsplashes.

Strong Adhesive: Stronger backing glue than ordinary vinyl peel and stick backsplash tile/Self-adhesive mosaic tile, can be easily installed over existing ceramic tiles or other smooth surface, such as kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, living room wall, washbasin backsplash, laundry room, fireplace, and installed behind the stove, etc.

Waterproof & Heat resistant: Seamless design prevent the water getting into the gap and easy to wipe and remove stains, protect the walls from moisture and oil. Perfect for installation in kitchen backsplash behind stove and steamy bathroom walls.

DIY-Friendly: Just peel, interlock and stick, easy to cut with sharp utility knife. No need to overlap, no grout and no mess, save your time and money on labor.

Various designs: Thousands of design to save lots of cost on the material compare with other mosaic tiles, easy to install and remove makes it easy to accept by the customers.

The peel and stick mosaic tile/Self-adhesive mosaic tile be popular in the market as it is more easy to cut and install..Its lighter than traditional mosaic tiles.It would save cost for the customer on delivery as well.We have almost all the designs available in the market. So we invited you can please find the one you like best from our website,or you can just show us your ideas which we could help you to do customized designs.

OEM and ODM be acceptable for us.

Peel and Stick Mosaic Features: